Onsite water reuse is a cost effective solution to meet your sustainability goals

Reduce costs, achieve certifications, and meet regulatory requirements.

Population growth, aging infrastructure, and water scarcity are putting pressure on municipal utilities and increasing water and sewer rates. These high costs are felt most acutely by large building owners and developers. With a focus on space efficiency, Epic Cleantec’s sustainable water solutions reduce water demand by up to 95% by capturing, treating, and recycling wastewater onsite for non-potable uses such as toilet flushing, clothes washing, cooling towers, and irrigation. The savings can total hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

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Comply with code requirements

To simplify the project delivery process, Epic Cleantec helps you navigate a sometimes complicated regulatory landscape.

Each Epic Cleantec commercial water recycling system meets the strictest relevant local, state, and national standards including Title-22, NSF-350, and San Francisco’s Article 12C mandate requiring onsite, non-potable reuse of wastewater in new buildings.

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