Epic’s onsite water recycling technology

Deteriorating infrastructure, climate disruption, and growing urban population centers are causing water and sewer rates to rise rapidly across the globe. Our proprietary onsite water recycling solutions reduce water costs and energy use for our customers. By capturing and processing a building’s wastewater — either black or gray — the system produces recycled water for non-potable applications, recovers waste heat from showers and laundry, and repurposes organic solids for beneficial use as a high quality soil amendment.

Epic Cleantec Technology Features & Benefits

Epic collaborates closely with developer, architecture, engineering, and contractor teams to develop customized onsite water reuse solutions for each project.


  • Systems occupy just a few parking spaces' worth of square footage and are designed to be the most space-efficient water reuse technology in the market.
  • Built for deployment at building or community scale, processing flows ranging from 5,000 to 200,000 gallons per day (GPD).
  • Epic operators monitor systems 24/7 and systems comply with San Francisco’s Article 12C, NSF 350, and local and state public health regulations.


  • Helps building owners achieve Net Zero Energy goals; one of the only water recovery systems to produce more energy than it uses.
  • Offers savings by reducing energy consumption by 40% as compared to leading competitors; also recoups thermal energy.
  • Reduces water demand up to 95% for buildings, and lowers heating bills when heat recovery is leveraged.

Circular water infrastructure just makes sense

Every drop of water we drink, flush, or use for irrigation has been used before, recycled by Earth’s natural hydrologic cycle. Epic Cleantec brings this natural process closer to home, providing onsite water recycling technology to buildings and the only building-scale water recycling technology to reuse water, heat, and organics. 

Epic’s solution closes the loop for urban water systems and works seamlessly with existing, centralized water infrastructure, adding resilience to the water grid. Epic envisions a future where a modern, circular approach to water reuse is the foundation for the next generation of water infrastructure

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