The OneWater System

Epic’s OneWater system can safely recycle up to 95% of a building’s wastewater—either blackwater or greywater—and produces three sustainable outputs:

  1. Recycled water that can be reused directly onsite for non-potable applications like cooling towers, toilet and urinal flushing, irrigation, or clothes washing;
  2. Recovered energy from wastewater heat can be captured and used to preheat domestic hot water supply;
  3. Repurposed natural soil amendments that can be used in landscaping projects, gardens, or even local parks.

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How does the OneWater system work?

Typical treatment process for greywater system. Biosolids capture (blackwater) process not shown.

  1. Prefiltration and Equalization 
    Water collected from showers, sinks, washing machines and other greywater sources is stored in an equalization tank that buffers out flow, reducing the size of the downstream system. 
  2. Biological Treatment 
    The raw water undergoes biological treatment for removal of organics, known as Biological Oxygen Demand, or BOD. 
  3. Membrane Filtration 
    Water is then rigorously filtered using membranes with a nominal pore diameter of .04 microns. 
  4. Disinfection and Heat Recovery 
    Before pumping for reuse in the building, water undergoes multiple steps of disinfection via ultraviolet light and chlorine, which render the water safe for reuse in non-potable applications. If heat recovery is included, the system will capture energy from wastewater and use it to pre-heat domestic hot water, resulting in lower heating costs for the building.

The OneWater system safely treats and recycles water onsite for non-potable reuse applications like toilet and urinal flushing, cooling tower makeup, irrigation, and clothes washing. Leveraging a multi-barrier approach that includes ultrafiltration membranes and state of the art disinfection systems, the OneWater system produces a highly purified final product that is guaranteed to meet regulatory requirements for interior and exterior recycled water reuse, meeting disinfected tertiary reuse effluent standards.

Fully automated with remote monitoring

Every critical function of the system operates automatically, saving time and limiting manual operator interaction. The cloud-based system is configured with remote monitoring capabilities and safety alarms, and Epic’s trusted O&M team provides 24/7 operator response.

The ESG reporting dashboard provides a snapshot of your system’s health, including up-to-date utility savings, total gallons of water reused, a summary of ESG performance and much more. Customize your dashboard settings according to what is most valuable to you and send automated reports.  

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Technology features & benefits

Epic Cleantec collaborates closely with owner, developer, architect, engineer, and contractor teams to develop a customized solution for each onsite water reuse project.

Physical specs & features

  • Systems occupy just a few parking spaces' worth of square footage and are designed to be the most space-efficient water reuse technology in the market
  • Built for deployment of any scale, our system can process flows ranging from 1,000 to 1 million gallons per day
  • Complies with local and state public health regulations while our O&M team monitors the system 24/7

Immediate impact & benefits

  • Helps building owners achieve Net Zero Energy goals — one of the only systems designed to integrally treat wastewater & recover heat from the wastewater stream for return to the building
  • Reduce building energy consumption by recouping lost thermal energy that otherwise gets washed down the drain
  • Save money on water and sewer costs by reducing the building’s water demand from municipalities

Who we serve

Epic Cleantec’s solutions help save water and reduce utilities fees for many different types of buildings where sustainability, efficiency and cost-savings goals are a high priority. Learn more about our ability to effectively implement onsite water reuse and full resource recovery systems in buildings, communities, and across industries. 

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The Epic way to address global water challenges

Aging infrastructure, growing urban populations, and a changing climate are exacerbating water and wastewater challenges around the world. Epic’s unique approach to onsite water recycling technology helps minimize the impacts of real estate on the environment, while reducing water, energy, and costs for our customers. Learn more about the Epic team and our truly Epic mission.

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