Water technology solutions designed to scale 

Epic Cleantec is pioneering a modern approach to onsite water reuse for sustainable building design.

Epic Cleantec’s modular and scalable system approach allows owners to increase system capacity over time. Our systems are optimized for deployment in buildings where the cost for construction and standards for space efficiency are vastly different from conventional wastewater projects.

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Dirty vs Clean water

Circular water infrastructure just makes sense

Every drop of water we drink, flush or use for irrigation has been used before, recycled by Earth’s natural hydrologic cycle.

Epic Cleantec brings this natural process closer to home, providing onsite water recycling technology to buildings and the only building-scale water recycling technology to reuse water, heat, and organics from one system.

Epic’s solution closes the loop for urban water systems and works seamlessly with existing, centralized water infrastructure, adding resilience to the water grid. Epic envisions a future where a modern, circular approach to water reuse is the foundation for the next generation of water infrastructure.

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Turn wastewater organics into natural soil products

We are taking the “waste” out of wastewater.

These upcycled organics, also referred to as biosolids, are full of nutrient-rich organic material that provide an endlessly renewable source of carbon and plant nutrition that can be used to beautify outdoor spaces, enrich gardens, and keep parks green.

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Recover heat energy from wastewater to save on costs

Reduce energy consumption and environmental impact of your building.

Wastewater heat recovery systems can be tailored to meet the needs of your project, making them a versatile and environmentally friendly solution for harnessing wasted heat energy. Epic Cleantec can help your project save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and lower operational costs.

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Benefits of sustainable water infrastructure

Epic Cleantec’s decentralized water reuse technology solution produces financial benefits for building owners and real estate developers without adding strain to our communities and environment.

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Utility & building cost reductions

  • Decreases water and sewer bills, reducing costs for owners and developers
  • Increases water reuse, diversifying municipal water supply portfolios and minimizing cost increases related to supply and demand
  • Alleviates strain on aging infrastructure and utility operations, reducing municipal costs that are passed on to building owners

Enhanced community wellbeing

  • Diverts organics from landfills, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Produces natural, locally-made soil amendments, a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel-based chemical fertilizers
  • Modernizes how we build, strengthening our resilience to water scarcity relating to increasingly unpredictable weather

Customer service is key to our approach

The Epic Cleantec team collaborates with building owners, real estate developers, architects, engineers, and sustainability consultants to identify challenges during planning and build stages, tailoring individualized treatment solutions for onsite water reuse projects. We work with cities to ensure code and regulatory compliance, public health and safety, and provide ongoing operational management to keep water treatment systems performing optimally after installation.

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