Customer service is key to our approach

Epic Cleantec's fully customizable solution converts building wastewater into purified water for onsite non-potable reuse. Additionally, each system can be configured to recover thermal energy and produce high quality organic soil amendments.

We collaborate with owners, developers, architects, and engineers to identify challenges and tailor individualized solutions for each project. We work with municipalities to ensure code compliance and provide ongoing operational management to keep water treatment systems performing optimally after installation.

Benefits of sustainable water infrastructure

Epic Cleantec’s decentralized water treatment process produces financial benefits for building owners and developers, and additional benefits for our communities.

Cost Reductions

  • Decreases water and sewer bills, reducing costs for owners and developers
  • Increases water reuse, diversifying municipal water supply portfolios and decreasing costs related to scarcity and demand
  • Alleviates strain on aging infrastructure and utility operations, reducing municipal costs that are passed on to consumers

Community Wellbeing

  • Diverts organics from landfills, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Produces natural, locally-made soil amendments, a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel-based chemical fertilizers
  • Modernizes how we build, strengthening our resilience to climate change and increasingly unpredictable weather.

Designed for scale

We’re pioneering a modern approach to onsite water reuse for sustainable cities.

Epic Cleantec’s systems are designed for deployment at the building scale, where the cost for construction and standards for space efficiency are vastly different from conventional wastewater projects. Our systems are adaptable to accommodate not only space constraints, but many other unique conditions attributable to in-building projects.

Our Technology