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When you request a free project assessment, you'll receive all the information needed to make an informed decision on which system is best for your budget, ESG and operational goals. Get started today!


Assessments include cost estimates for the full scope of the project, including the design, permitting, installation and more.


Learn about the payback period for greywater or blackwater system options compared to conventional water & sewer fees.


Understand the annual water usage and the impact an onsite water reuse system can have using our water balance summary.


Receive annual utility and net savings potential for greywater and blackwater systems based on gallons used per day/year.


Receive a list of preliminary equipment needed for your specifically-engineered system along with their dimensions.


Get a summary of takeaways from our expert engineers on system functionality and key considerations for your specific project.

See how Epic has helped other projects

Fifteen Fifty

Fifteen Fifty is a luxury 40-story high-rise multifamily building located in San Francisco, CA with the first approved and operational greywater reuse system in the city.

Rendering of 601 W. Beech in San Diego, CA

601 W. Beech

601 W. Beech is a proposed 33-story residential building in San Diego, CA that will reuse roughly 5.5 million gallons of water annually with Epic's OneWater approach.

Kengo Kuma, Park Habitat in San Jose

Park Habitat

Park Habitat is a proposed 20-story office space, retail shopping center and museum in San Jose, CA that will reuse nearly 11 million gallons of water per year with Epic Cleantec's blackwater treatment approach.

Ariel view of The Chorus apartment building in San Francisco, CA.


Epic Cleantec oversees the operations and maintenance for the onsite greywater reuse system at the Chorus apartment building in San Francisco, CA.