Increasing sustainability and resilience against water shortages, Epic Cleantec’s robust water treatment solution is used at a range of different building types and facilities. Learn more about the unique benefits to each of these categories and get in touch with Epic Cleantec to start your own water reuse revolution.

Community-scale developments

Onsite water reuse can have a large impact on community-scale developments by providing reduced water demand and providing significant savings.

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Corporate offices and campuses

Corporate offices and campuses can significantly improve their overall water consumption and meet their sustainability goals through district-scale water reuse and resource recovery.

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Data centers

Ensure water security for “always-on” facilities like data centers while providing exceptional efficiency and savings benefits.

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Data Center Switches

Food & beverage processing facilities

Create water-secure processing facilities that utilize sustainable and efficient production practices to meet increased regulations and keep water sources clean. 

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Higher education

An increasing number of campuses are implementing water reuse for irrigation and cooling towers as a way to strengthen water conservation and reduce ongoing costs.

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College Campus
Golf Course

Hotels, resorts, and golf courses

Take advantage of the opportunity to reduce environmental impact through water reuse solutions while helping to future-proof water scarcity challenges.

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Residential and commercial real estate developments

Onsite water reuse is ideal for large residential and commercial developments — strengthening sustainability and resiliency efforts, while reducing water utility demand by up to 95%.

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Large venues like stadiums can drastically reduce their environmental impact while generating significant savings by implementing water reuse solutions.

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Wineries, breweries and distilleries 

Water-dependent operations like wineries, breweries and distilleries can ensure water resilience while converting wastewater organics into nutrient-rich soil amendments.

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Vineyard Grapes