Sports impact on the environment

The water crisis in sports arenas

Stadiums venues are ideal candidates for financially and environmentally benefiting from effective onsite water reuse solutions. Stadium owners have approached sustainability in the sports industry through implementing efficient landscape design, smart lawn irrigation, and low-flow water fixtures, but full resource recovery is possible with Epic’s onsite water reuse technology.

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Facts & stats on water use in sports venues

Water use in stadiums

Did you know that several sports teams are investing $10 billion in sustainable initiatives by 2030? Calculate your stadium water consumption and discover how much your next facility can save with water recycling.

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Sustainability in Sports Stadiums

Lead the charge in water sustainability and save

Epic’s water reuse system safely recycles up to 95% of used water and creates three sustainable outputs: recycled water for non-potable applications, recovered energy from wastewater heat, and high-quality soil amendments. Our team serves as a single point of accountability to reduce project cost risk by overseeing all aspects of the process, including design, engineering, permitting & regulatory approvals, building integration support, coordination of the installation process, and ongoing O&M.

  • Scalable system design can process up to 1 million gallons of water each day
  • Remotely monitor the system and access data from anywhere
  • Highly purified final product guaranteed to meet all regulatory requirements for interior and exterior recycled water reuse
  • Achieve water resilience and sustainability goals

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A sustainable approach to water management in stadiums

Stadium projects can expect a 3-7-year ROI when implementing Epic’s water recycling systems. Compared to other systems, Epic's modular design focuses on scalability and sustainability.

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