Epic Cleantec is shifting the paradigm of water treatment

The sustainable management of water and wastewater is one of the great challenges of our time. The world is urbanizing — 70% of the world will likely live in cities by 2050 — and the conventional approach to infrastructure is strained to the breaking point. Our work shifts the water industry toward a distributed, circular approach in which wastewater resources — water, nutrients, energy, carbon — are recovered and reused. With our technology, the “waste” in wastewater is converted into an endlessly renewable supply of valuable commodities.

Born out of work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Reinvent the Toilet Challenge, Epic Cleantec has become a leader in the onsite water reuse space, trusted by leading players in real estate nationally. We bring multidisciplinary expertise spanning water and wastewater infrastructure, engineering, building science, and public policy to create systems that will ensure that everyone has access to clean water and reliable sanitation for generations.

Our Genesis Story

At Epic Cleantec, we believe there is no such thing as wastewater, only wasted water

Water is a defining global issue of the 21st century. We envision a future where access to clean water and reliable sanitation is a fixture in every urban and rural community around the world. Watch to learn more about our origin story and what drives our team.

Our Epic Team

Aaron Tartakovsky

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Igor Tartakovsky, P.E.

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Eric Hough

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Megan Thomas, P.E., PMP

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Dave Hernandez

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David Horning

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Ryan Pulley

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Richard Ross, P.E.

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Chelsea Wolff

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Lauren Frazier

Lauren Frazier

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Board Members/Advisors

Dr. Kathy Fields

Dr. Anita Friedman

Peter Yolles

Michael Warady

Peter Brooks

Chris Gruwell

Cabot Brown

Dr. Garry Rayant

Josh Richman

Kyle Pickett

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Epic Cleantec is the leader in onsite water reuse systems for real estate developers and property owners. Explore our collection of policy resources, thought leadership content, press releases, and news articles on industry trends and projections to learn more about sustainable water solutions.

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