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The rising cost of water

Aging infrastructure, urban population growth, and increasing water scarcity are accelerating the need for commercial and residential real estate developers to leverage conservation-centered technology wherever possible. Building owners and developers across the country are dealing with rising water and sewer rates, increasingly stringent regulations, and changing weather patterns that result in either too little water (West coast) or too much water (East coast) that strains our already overloaded municipal utility systems.

Commercial office buildings, high-rise residential properties, and mixed-use real estate developments use substantial amounts of water, resulting in significant utility costs that are projected to rise in the coming years. By implementing advanced water reuse systems, real estate owners can establish an effective long-term building management strategy with immediate sustainability and financial benefit for stakeholders.

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Request an evaluation of your commercial or residential real estate projects and get a general cost estimate, area requirement, and water savings potential of a water reuse system to determine what the payback period and return on investment would look like.

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Facts & stats on water use in real estate developments

Water use in buildings

Did you know that the average commercial property uses approximately 50 gallons of water per employee each day? In fact, water use in buildings accounts for 14 percent of Earth’s potable water supply. Calculate your commercial, residential or mixed-use building’s water use, and discover how much money and resources your real estate development projects can save with onsite water recycling.

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Water recycling solutions

Optimize water use in buildings

Real estate developers, architects, and engineers must address water consumption in buildings at each step of the design and construction process. In addition to water conservation approaches like low-flow fixtures and rainwater harvesting systems used to reduce water use in buildings, much more can be done.

Residential and commercial real estate developers are realizing that implementing advanced water reuse technology helps minimize the environmental impact of their projects and provides significant savings on water utility costs within their projects.

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A better approach to water management

Many real estate owners and developers can reach a ROI in 3-7 years when implementing Epic’s water recycling systems. Compared to other systems, Epic's modular design focuses on scalability and sustainability.

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