Climate change and beverage production

Water reuse for sustainable brewing, winery and distillery practices

The American West is experiencing extreme drought, with precipitation totals being the lowest on record since at least 1895. As a result, water-reliant industries such as wineries, breweries, and distilleries face threats to their business.

To ensure the reliable supply of this critical, finite resource, establishing long-term water management solutions with Epic’s water reuse solutions can provide financial security, environmental benefits, and accelerate the expansion of your business.

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Assess potential water savings

at wineries & breweries

Request an evaluation of projects at wineries and breweries and get a general cost estimate, area requirement, and water savings potential of a water reuse system to determine what the payback period and return on investment would look like.

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Facts & stats on water use in the beverage industry

Water use in wineries, breweries & distilleries

Did you know that one gallon of beer requires 7 gallons of water to produce, and it takes 28.8 gallons of water to produce 4.2 oz of wine? This includes all of the water used to produce that glass of wine: grape growing and processing, bottling, etc.  

Calculate your production costs and discover how much you can save with sustainable brewing and winery wastewater management. Contact us to calculate the water use in your brewery or winery. 

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Sustainability in wineries, breweries & distilleries

Achieve water resiliency in your process

Beyond water conservation methods such as drip irrigation and soil moisture control, craft beverage producers can gain invaluable water security from advanced water recycling technologies.

Beverage industry leaders have the opportunity to minimize the environmental impact of alcohol production without sacrificing quality. Your efforts toward water sustainability can make a positive impression on consumers and establish long-term water management strategies within your facility.

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Crafting our own Kölsch-style ale

Epic OneWater Brew

In 2022, we crafted our own beer made with recycled wastewater to highlight water reuse as the next frontier for recycling and sustainable forward thinkers. For this fun project, we took 2,000 gallons of recycled water from an onsite reuse installation that we oversee operations for and turned it into a refreshing beer. The results were (you guessed it) EPIC! Read Madeline Wells of SFGATE‘s thoughts on the brew.

Learn more about the making of Epic OneWater Brew

Discover how Epic water reuse systems work

By making the most out of existing resources, the application of water reuse in wine or beer making enables production expansion without requiring additional water. Epic’s systems are adaptable to any vineyard, brewery, or distillery with a compact modular and scalable design, allowing for expansion that matches the needs of the business. Our systems use less resources than leading competitors.

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