Multifamily Residential Project

A planned blackwater project in Connecticut

Epic Cleantec is overseeing the design, permitting and equipment supply for this 320-unit multifamily project in Connecticut. The 50,000-gallon-per-day blackwater system enables the owners to increase development density by reducing the area required for wastewater treatment and disposal while also avoiding a costly connection fee. This innovative project marks the installation of the first blackwater reuse system in the area, setting a new standard for water management in residential projects. As a state with diverse landscapes ranging from coastal areas along Long Island Sound to the picturesque countryside of the Litchfield Hills region, it was important for the project to make an important sustainability statement by decreasing its overall water use and minimizing impact on the local natural environment.



Ledyard, CT
350,000 square feet
Collection Source
System Capacity
50,000 gal/day
End Use

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