The Campus at Horton

Adaptive reuse project featuring office spaces, life science facilities, retail outlets, and dining establishments

The Campus at Horton is a 1,000,000 square foot redevelopment project located in San Diego, CA that will reinvent a formerly abandoned mall into a lively community complex with beautiful office spaces, life science facilities, retail outlets, and dining establishments. 

The project will reuse roughly 55% of its water by deploying Epic’s OneWater system to capture and treat 24,000 GPD of wastewater for treatment and reuse in cooling tower makeup and flushing throughout the campus. The blackwater system will recycle over 7.5 million gallons per year, saving over $170,000 per year in water and sewer fees.

Epic Cleantec is overseeing the design, permitting, and startup commissioning for this innovative project. 

San Diego, CA
1,000,000 square feet
Collection Sources
System Capacity
24,000 gal/day
End Uses
Toilet and urinal flushing, cooling towers

Project Partners

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12,000,000 gallons/year Total annual water demand
7,500,000 gallons/year Demand met by non-potable supply
$170,000+ annual savings Est. annual utility savings over the next 10 years

Sustainability at the forefront

This redevelopment project has taken every measure to ensure it provides value to the community while safeguarding precious natural resources. It has already achieved a WiredScore Platinum certification and is currently under review for both LEED Platinum and WELL Platinum certifications. By reusing materials, the project will have a 60% reduction in embodied carbon footprint.

Solar panels will cover 10 acres of roof space, coupled with high performance facades and mechanical systems to produce a zero energy footprint. This project also boasts impressive energy infrastructure and with 2.2 megawatts of peak power production and an 800-kilowatt-hour battery system, the campus will be able to lower utility costs by 50-60%.

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