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High-end hotel in Beverly Hills, CA

Luxury and sustainability are elegantly featured in this award-winning hotel located in Beverly Hills, CA. Embracing a visionary approach, this hotel will implement Epic Cleantec’s award-winning OneWaterâ„¢ greywater system, reusing over 2,190,000 gallons of highly purified water annually for onsite irrigation purposes. By seamlessly integrating onsite water reuse, this extraordinary hospitality project strengthens the local community’s commitment to sustainability and water security, while reducing the project’s ongoing operational costs.

After challenges with the previous water reuse system, the hotel’s management sought out the expertise of Epic Cleantec to reinvent the approach. With complete responsibility over the design, implementation, and maintenance of the new system, our state-of-the-art OneWaterâ„¢ solution was the clear choice. The hotel can now enjoy a flawless water reuse experience, thanks to our unparalleled technology, deep industry experience and meticulous attention to detail.

Beverly Hills, CA
Collection Sources
Greywater, rainwater
System Capacity
6,000 gal/day
End Uses
4,800,000 gallons/year Total annual water demand
2,190,000 gallons/year Demand met by non-potable supply
$35,500+ annual savings Est. utility savings per year over the next 10 years

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