High-rise multifamily residence

Environmental sustainability, water reuse, and energy efficiency are key design goals for this 39-story multifamily planned project located in Hawaii. Greywater from the building’s showers, sinks, baths and washing machines will be collected and treated onsite with Epic’s OneWaterTM system, resulting in nearly 25,000 gallons of recycled water per day being reused for irrigation and cooling.  

Epic Cleantec is spearheading the design, implementation, and startup of the onsite water reuse system that will supply the building with over 9.1 million gallons of treated water annually, ultimately saving owners around $45,000 per year for the next decade in utility fees.

Honolulu, HI
630,000 square feet
Collection Source
System Capacity
25,000 gal/day
End Uses
Irrigation, cooling tower

Project Partners

Kobayashi Group logo
Commercial Plumbing
20,000,000 gallons/year Total annual water demand
9,125,000 gallons/year Demand met by non-potable supply
$45,000+ annual savings Est. annual utility savings over the next 10 years

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