The Landing

Elevated multifamily residential living with smart home tech, pet perks and private outdoor space

The Landing is a multifamily apartment building located in San Francisco, CA that was completed in 2019. Its unique layout was designed to provide a sculptural and engaging facade that responded to the curve and height differences in the street. The project provides access to the public with a path that winds through the property and connects adjacent neighborhood, following the long-held city tradition of hillside stairs.

In addition to smart home tech, pet amenities, expansive private outdoor space and a commuter-friendly location, The Landing incorporates sustainable features like Tesla sharing and an onsite greywater recycling that reuses 3,000 gallons of water per day for use in toilet flushing and irrigation. The system is operated and maintained by Epic Cleantec.

San Francisco, CA
308,992 square feet
Collection Sources
Greywater, rainwater
System Capacity
3,000 gal/day
End Uses
Toilet and urinal flushing, irrigation

Project Partners

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3,370,000 gallons/year Total annual water demand
1,089,800+ gallons/year Demand met by non-potable supply
$54,000+ annual savings Est. annual utility savings over the next 10 years

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