Confidential Project

Mixed-use redevelopment in San Jose, CA

This redevelopment located in fast-growing San Jose, CA will redefine urban living with this project comprised of a 30-story multifamily high-rise building, restaurant, retail and office space. The blackwater system has the ability to recycle up to 37,000 gallons of water per day resulting annually in 7,950,000 gallons of reusable, treated water available for use in non-potable applications such as toilet and urinal flushing, irrigation, and cooling tower make-up. The visionary owners of this redevelopment property expect an estimated annual utility savings of $87,200 by implementing Epic’s technology.

Epic Cleantec is responsible for spearheading the design, construction oversight, commissioning and rigorous performance testing of the system.

San Jose, CA
1,397,321 square feet
540 apartments
Collection Sources
System Capacity
37,000 gallons/day
End Uses
Irrigation, toilet & urinal flushing, cooling tower make-up
16,899,000 gallons/year Total annual water demand
7,950,000 gallons/year Demand met by non-potable supply
$87,200 annual savings Est. annual utility savings over the next 10 years

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