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An epic grand prize win at CREtech’s 10th annual Real Estate Tech Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that CREtech has named Epic Cleantec the Grand Prize Winner in the Emerging Startup category at the 10th Annual Real Estate Tech Awards (RETAs)

Presented during Climate Week NYC by CREtech, the world’s leading community of professionals devoted to technological innovation in the real estate sector, the Real Estate Tech Awards are the leading international awards honoring excellence in commercial real estate tech. The awards recognize the most cutting-edge companies who have played an integral role in advancing tech in the industry throughout the year. Epic was selected as a finalist by the RETAs elite judging panel of industry leaders from EQ Office, GPE, Alpaca VC, Urban Edge Properties, PGIM Real Estate and Pi Labs.

Recognized for innovation and sustainable technology for the built environment 

As urban populations around the world continue to grow, this recognition of Epic underscores the increasing importance of water technology solutions for the built environment. As cities grapple with the combined challenges of aging infrastructure, growing water scarcity, and rising utility rates, Epic’s OneWater™ onsite reuse system provides a timely solution by recycling wastewater within buildings for non-potable uses like flushing toilets, irrigation, cooling towers, and laundry, helping projects reuse up to 95% of their water. And sometimes, we can even use this highly purified recycled water for a refreshing glass of beer!

RETA 2023 badge honoring Epic Cleantec as the grand prize winner in the emerging startup category.

Amid mounting water and infrastructure challenges, real estate owners are taking notice of water recycling as a way to future-proof properties and hedge against rising utility costs. Onsite water reuse helps property owners and developers lower annual utility bills by up to six figures, enhancing resilience and making progress toward ambitious ESG goals.

At Epic, we’re focused on making water reuse technologies user-friendly with an intuitive dashboard that enables stakeholders to make data-driven decisions by tracking real-time sustainability metrics like water savings, energy reduction, and carbon avoidance. Along with the ESG dashboard, the system is also equipped with a comprehensive cloud-enabled control capability that allows Epic operators and building maintenance teams to remotely monitor and operate each system, thus minimizing on-site operator time and reducing ongoing operational costs.

In addition to producing highly purified recycled water, the system can produce two additional sustainable outputs – recovered energy from wastewater heat that can be captured and used to preheat the domestic hot water supply and repurposed natural soil amendments that can be used in landscaping projects, gardens, or even local parks.

“We are honoring and highlighting companies that are making the biggest impact in our space,” said Kay Ross-Baker, global director of sales at CREtech.

For the Epic team, the RETAs award affirms the growing importance of onsite water reuse for real estate developers, owners, and residents. This recognition makes us even more motivated to advance our mission of making onsite water reuse more accessible through technology, collaboration, and education across the industry. At Epic, we’re excited to be leading the water reuse revolution in the built environment!

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