Sustainable building technology

Epic’s solutions form the core of a modern water conservation strategy.

Epic’s fully customizable systems process wastewater onsite, creating treated (non-potable) water, captured heat, and high-quality soil amendments that can be used at the building. We offer real estate developers and building owners simple, turnkey solutions that significantly reduce utility costs and increase resilience and sustainability.

Our Solutions

Increasing sustainability and resilience

Epic provides a robust solution to address three major opportunities:


68% of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by 2050.

Increasing urbanization on top of climate change strains water resources and aging sewer infrastructure. The result is increasing cost and service disruptions to utilities and to real estate owners.


70% of U.S. consumers would prefer to spend their money on companies that are doing right by the planet.

Accordingly, tenant demand for sustainable building technology is on the rise and developers are seeking solutions to address the major drivers of their environmental footprint, with water as a notable focus.


Residential water and sewer rates across the country outpaced inflation by nearly 300% over the last two decades

Growing populations, urbanization, and climate change are straining our aging municipal water infrastructure. As costs to update or maintain plants and pipelines continue to rise, the burden for needed improvements is falling on individual ratepayers.