Salesforce Tower

A towering commercial office building with a 5.4-acre park

Salesforce Tower is a 61-story skyscraper located in San Francisco. With more than 1.4 million square feet of office space, this towering project is home to the largest onsite blackwater system in a commercial high-rise in the U.S., designed to recycle up to 30,000 gallons of wastewater per day. Water from the building’s rooftop rainwater collection, cooling towers, showers, sinks, toilets and urinals is collected and treated onsite, then circulated for reuse in the irrigation system, cooling towers, and for toilet flushing.

The water reused throughout the building is equivalent to the water consumption of 16,000 San Francisco residents annually, saving up to 7.8 million gallons of freshwater per year and reducing the building’s water consumption by up to 76%. Epic Cleantec was brought in to assume control of the daily operations and maintenance of the system, including overseeing final startup and commissioning, for this LEED Core and Shell Certified Platinum building.

San Francisco, CA
1,400,000 square feet
Collection Sources
Blackwater, rainwater, condensate
System Capacity
30,000 gal/day
End Use
Toilet flushing, irrigation, cooling towers

Project Partners

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Pelli Clarke & Partners logo
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30,000 gallons per day Daily system capacity
7,800,000 gallons/year Demand met by non-potable supply
$395,000 annual savings Est. annual utility savings over the next 10 years
Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, CA

Salesforce Tower is owned and operated by BXP, the largest publicly traded developer, owner, and manager of workplace buildings in the United States. The onsite system itself is owned by Salesforce, the building’s largest tenant. This has created a unique partnership in which both the building owner and its tenant have come together to set a new standard for a positive and sustainable impact in the local community.

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