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Epic partners with manufacturing representatives Stone-Drew / Ashe & Jones in Pacific Northwest

We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Stone-Drew/Ashe & Jones (SDAJ), a leading manufacturer representative group in the commercial plumbing market covering the Pacific Northwest (PNW) region. As the impacts of climate change become increasingly apparent, the need for effective, sustainable solutions has never been more urgent. Epic Cleantec is at the forefront of this movement, providing innovative technologies that promote water conservation and reuse for the built environment. By joining forces with SDAJ, we aim to enhance our capabilities and expand our reach, ensuring that more projects can benefit from advanced water reuse solutions.

The SDAJ team takes pride in their superior knowledge of the products and solutions they represent and will diversify their asset portfolio by representing Epic Cleantec’s onsite water reuse solutions to their customers.

“We at SDAJ look forward to our partnership with Epic,” said Alex Drew, vice president at SDAJ. “Both companies share mutual visions of what the future will hold, not just for ourselves, but for our society. We both look to be key, vital players within the emerging water reuse community.”

We are excited about the potential of this partnership to promote proactive environmental stewardship solutions and deliver comprehensive, integrated solutions that address both the technological and regulatory aspects of sustainability.

Addressing water challenges in the region

The PNW, an ecologically diverse region, is poised to revolutionize the water reuse landscape. Despite its soggy reputation, the PNW is no stranger to droughts. The region relies heavily on snowpack, precipitation, groundwater, and meticulously managed rivers like the internationally regulated Columbia River for its water supply. Rainwater capture and other recycling practices remain underregulated within the PNW, presenting a significant opportunity for growth. Together, we aim to address water challenges, getting ahead of water woes before it’s too late. Our partnership is driven by the urgency to promote effective water reuse practices and sustainable solutions across these climate-forward states.


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