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Epic partners with the 50L Home Coalition to transform the conversation around water reuse

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with the 50L Home Coalition, a global action-oriented platform that unites leaders from the private, nonprofit, and public sectors to address water security and climate change. 50L Home shares our mission to revolutionize the way our cities and buildings use water today, and to change the way people think about sustainable water use – including reuse. 

As one of the first startup companies to be welcomed into the coalition, we’re looking forward to working with the 50L Home group toward the goal of reducing buildings’ water consumption and reshaping our relationship with our most precious resource through innovation, education, and advocacy. “I’m thrilled to welcome Epic Cleantec to the 50L Home Coalition,” says Braulio Eduardo Morera, Director of 50L Home. “Epic’s innovative work in onsite water reuse and their commitment to education and advocacy perfectly aligns with our mission. I’m excited for our combined efforts to revolutionize urban water systems and make water reuse the norm.”

Innovation: advancing onsite water reuse

Epic and 50L Home align on the mission to accelerate the adoption of onsite water reuse as a way to preserve our cities’ freshwater resources. By deploying innovative water reuse systems and operating the first approved greywater systems in San Francisco, we’re setting a new standard for efficient, sustainable buildings and cities. What’s more, our OneWaterTM onsite reuse system enables buildings to also recover wastewater heat to improve energy efficiency and to repurpose solids into high-quality soil amendments, creating new opportunities for more circular and healthy communities.

Our partnership with 50L Home will allow us to extend these solutions to more cities worldwide, promoting energy efficiency and advancing water recycling and reuse in building water systems.

Education: inspiring water conservation

A group tours Epic's Hub location in downtown San Francisco

Both 50L Home and Epic believe in the power of knowledge to spur behavioral shifts toward more sustainable water practices. Through our educational initiatives, we’ve hosted dozens of visiting delegations at our operation in San Francisco and shared insights at industry gatherings across the globe. Our partnership with 50L Home Coalition will expand these efforts, helping many more realize the financial and operational benefits of onsite water reuse. 

Advocacy: driving regulatory change

Our work extends beyond providing innovative technology; we also advocate for policy alignment, changes to building codes, and updates to regulatory and industry frameworks that support sustainable water use. Thanks in part to our lobbying and regulatory affairs expertise, we’ll soon be the first company to deploy onsite water reuse systems in three major cities throughout the western United States. As part of the 50L Home Coalition, we’re excited to collaborate with more cities across the globe to advance water reuse.

Implementation: making ideas real

We’re constantly exploring opportunities to advance new solutions through prototypes, pilots, and strategic partnerships. By joining the 50L Home Coalition, we look forward to exploring the integration of high-efficiency water and energy technologies that can help create system-wide solutions for truly sustainable buildings. 

Being welcomed into the 50L Home Coalition as a corporate partner is a testament to our practical and successful work in San Francisco, and a significant step forward in our mission to drive sustainable water use. We’re thrilled to stand alongside industry giants such as Procter & Gamble and IKEA in contributing our knowledge, resources, and passion to 50L Home’s goals. Together, we can create a sustainable water future for cities and communities around the world.


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