We’re transforming urban wastewater infrastructure to create more sustainable cities. 

Today’s approach to wastewater treatment relies on centuries-old systems that can’t keep up with growing populations. As more people move into cities, greater strain is placed on already fragile infrastructure. We envision a reality where the “waste” in wastewater is not really waste at all.


We’ve developed a modern, circular approach to treatment.

Our patented on-site approach processes a building’s wastewater, converting organic solids into natural, carbon-rich soil that can be used to grow crops, enhance gardens, and beautify green spaces. The water that remains can be recycled within the building for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation, and cooling towers.


We help building owners, developers, and municipalities manage waste, conserve water, and save money.

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Divert organics from landfill,

lowering greenhouse emissions

Produce natural carbon-rich soil,

replacing chemical fertilizers

Alleviate strain on aging infrastructure, reducing city costs

Strengthen resilience,

adapting to an unpredictable climate

Lower wastewater rates,

saving building owners money

Mitigate impact of sewer overflows, protecting the environment

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